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How The Tragic Death Of Anthony Bourdain Teaches Us About Common Estate Planning Mistakes (VIDEO)

Within his life and even after his tragic passing, Anthony Bourdain can teach us a thing or two.

Estate Planning Mistakes Exposed by the Tragic Passing of Anthony Bourdain

With regards to my mission to help families protect their loved ones legally and financially, it’s what we can and should do to ensure that what we want for our child and loved ones is carried out the way we want it to be by having an estate plan.

“In 2017 Caring.com found that 60% of all Americans don’t have an estate plan. For Gen X and Millennials, currently in their child-rearing years, the numbers are even higher at 64% and 78%, respectively.” - Forbes

Where are you with your estate planning for your child?

Watch my video below to see how you can avoid some common pitfalls.


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